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Your Music Festival Survival Kit

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With music festival season well underway and Electric Picnic just around the corner, we’re sharing our “must have” items you should pack to ensure a great weekend.

You have your tickets, you’ve packed the toilet roll, food and drink, and you’ve even got your tent and sleeping bags sorted, but have you thought of these items that are sure to come in handy?

Top Tip – Before you start gathering supplies, check the official music festival website for a list of items you are not allowed to bring with you. Each festival will have their own rules and regulations.


Well it is Ireland so rain is likely, and when the rain arrives so does the mud. Wellies will help keep your feet dry and comfortable, and prevent you catching a cold. Leave them outside the tent in a plastic bag while you sleep to keep the tent mud-free, and the plastic bags will keep the inside of your wellies dry.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have many uses at music festivals. Use them to line your rucksack to keep its contents dry or for storing wet and muddy clothes. You can even make a rain poncho with a few cleverly placed holes in a plastic bag. Use plastic bags to clean up after yourself and dispose of rubbish responsibly. A roll of plastic bags will become your friend and ally at a music festival.

Folding chairsFolding Chairs

At some stage you will need to sit down and relax. Folding chairs are lightweight and fold up for easy storage and transport. They are also a lot more comfortable than sitting on the muddy ground.

Head Torch

It’s hard to find your way back to your tent in a crowded campsite, tired after a day’s partying, especially when it’s dark. A head torch will give you plenty of light to help you find your way and will leave both hands free.

Disposible BBQPortable or Disposable BBQ

When you’ve danced yourself starving, there is nothing better than BBQ food and making your own on a portable or disposable BBQ is a cheaper alternative to food stalls. Check festival rules about BBQs first though; most will allow them but only in designated areas.

Duct Tape

This is essential as it will fix just about anything! Use it to repair holes in tents, wellies, bags and even air beds. You will be thanking yourself for bringing this at 4am when the rain is pouring through a rip in the side of your tent.

Ear plugsEar Plugs

Festivals and festival goers are loud in general, and all the noise can get irritating at 5am when you’re desperately trying to get some sleep. Solution? Ear plugs! They will block out the noise when you want to sleep and can also be used to stop your ears ringing when you’re standing too close to a speaker.

Wheelbarrow or Cart

Yes really, a wheelbarrow! This is a great way to take all your stuff from your car to your spot on the campsite.

Camping bucketBucket

A bucket is handy to transport items to and around the campsite. Once unpacked the bucket can be used for washing or as a storage container.

Jump Cables & Tow Rope 

If you are bringing a car then make sure you have a tow rope and a set of jump cables in the boot. You won’t want to be stuck in the mud or with a flat battery when it’s home time.

Top Tip - Dig out one of your old mobile phones to use for the weekend. One that you won’t mind losing or breaking, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Other useful items include: folding tables, paper towels, water containers and camping stoves.

So don’t forget to visit your local Topline store before your next music festival and pick up everything you need for a fun packed weekend.

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