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What You Should be Doing in the Garden in June

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June is the month of the longest day of the year and that extra daylight will make your garden flourish. We put together some important June gardening jobs to make the most of this growth.


It’s a great time of year for gardeners who put the work into their vegetable gardens earlier on. You can now harvest your lettuce, other salads, strawberries and early potatoes, and literally enjoy the fresh and tasty fruits of your labour!

Weed Control

Extra light and warmth boosts all plant growth, including weeds, so keep on top of them with regular weeding. This will prolong the desired plant growth and prevent weeds getting out of hand, which can easily happen in June. Make sure to hoe your borders to keep them tidy too.


It’s easy to forget to water your garden beds, hanging baskets and potted plants in rainy Ireland, but June can often bring long spells of dry weather. You may need to give the soil a light dampening every few days.

Lawn Care

You should be mowing once a week this month. With the grass in such a strong growing phase, it is also an ideal time to feed it to ensure lush green growth with no bare patches and moss. In fact, June is the time to put all of our lawn care tips into action, which can be found here.


Plant your summer bedding plants and unless there is heavy rain, make sure to regularly water them. A liquid feed will ensure they get off to a good start, and keep a close eye on them for any snails or slugs, which can destroy them.

Here are some more planting jobs that can be completed in June:
  • Repot house plants
  • Plant seeds of annual flowers, e.g. nasturtiums
  • Plant vegetables, e.g. beans, tomatoes, lettuce, peas, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers and carrots
  • Plant pots and baskets with petunias, begonias and busy lizzie

Stake & Prune

The growth spurt might leave some of your taller plants a bit floppy; stake them to keep them from wilting. Prune your shrubs as they go out of flower. Thin out vegetable plants, pinching out any sideshoots. Similarly with roses, tie in the new shoots of climbing roses.

Spray Roses

Spray roses regularly to protect them against insects and diseases like blackspot.


Phew! There’s a lot of gardening work to be done in June! Don’t forget to find some time to enjoy this month in the garden, when all is in bloom and the weather is at its best. Lie back in a comfy recliner, host a BBQ, stop and smell the roses.