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What Colour to Paint Each Room

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Colours are proven to affect how we feel, so it makes sense to think your colour choices through before redecorating your home’s interior. Let us help you decide what colour to paint each room in your home.

home interior designWhy Colours Affect Mood

Certain colours have associations for us to particular things. This can be because of the communications we’re used to seeing, for example red is often used to signify danger, like a stop sign, traffic light, or even a missile launch button! These associations become part of what we naturally and automatically feel when we see the colour, like a language of its own.

paint interior wallAnother reason why colours affect mood is found in evolutionary science. Our ancestors would have known what is safe and not-safe to eat by recognising some colours as dangerous. Also, blue skies for example would have always represented positivity, peace and safety simply from the absence of any storms or harsh weather, and therefore similar associations were formed with the colour blue.

On an individual and personal level, we all tend to have preferences for certain colours over others. Sometimes your preferences are influenced by positive or negative experiences and memories, e.g. maybe you can’t stand the colour brown because it was the colour of your school uniform.

Girls pink bedroomHow Colours Affect Mood

Below is a table of basic colours with their most widely accepted effects on mood. We have also included the rooms we think these colours are most suited to as a result of those effects. Of course each colour comes in countless varieties, from light to rich shades, which will all have a different feel to them.




Ideal for


Peaceful, reliable

Calm, serene, productive

Office, bathroom


Tranquil, productive


Bedroom, living room, office


Neutral, passive

Unmotivated, relaxed

Sitting room


Energetic, bright

Excited, stimulated

Gym, utility room, office


Feminine, sweet

Calm, comfortable

Sitting room, bedroom


Royal, mysterious

Luxurious, romantic



Danger, passion, hunger  

Increased sense of urgency

Hall, dining room


Innocent, pure

Quiet, positive

Living room, sun room


Sunny, youthful



White painted kitchenOther Influences on Your Colour Choice

There are other factors that influence the colours of paint you may find yourself leaning towards, such as fashion trends. You shouldn’t be put off by the suggestions in the table above. A perfect example is the colour grey, which is extremely popular in interior design at the moment. Grey adorns the walls of the most fashionable abodes, and it is versatile enough to be combined with other colours and styled to create any sort of ambience.

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