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Unclutter a Child's Room

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Playing, homework, sports... all the activities that keep your child busy can make it difficult to keep their room tidy. Fortunately, a little clever organisation goes a long way to help keep clutter under control.

Bunk Beds

This is one of the easiest ways to create extra space in a child’s room. With the large variety available, you can choose to use this extra space for a play area, storage or a second bed. Many bunk beds feature built-in shelves and drawers for invaluable toy storage. 

Keep, Store, Donate or Bin

It’s surprising how quickly Christmas and birthday gifts, clothes, toys and books can accumulate. Sort everything into four piles: keep, store, donate or bin. Only items that have been used in the last 6-12 months should make it into the “keep” pile. Items that are not regularly used but have sentimental value or that are likely to be needed in the future should go in the “store” pile. Everything else should be donated to friends, family or charity, or if they are worn out they should be recycled or binned.

Storage Solutions

As well as being practical, storage can be creative and stylish, actually enhancing the décor of your child’s room. There is a wide array of innovatie shelves, baskets, rails and boxes available to attractively and compactly store away toys, books and clothes. Labelling boxes will help your child to remember where to put everything back, and it can also look quite chic when done right. Remember to utilise those forgotten spaces such as under the bed, by using old cases or plastic containers. Look out for stackable boxes, which can be handy for use in a free bit of floor space.

Display Toys & Books

Displaying the most regularly used toys and books on easy to reach shelves will reduce the mess made each time the child is looking for something. The display will also add an interesting element to the room’s décor, adding a personal touch with the child’s favourite things on show to all who visit. Another benefit is that shelving will not become out-dated as your child grows up, they can simply display different items as they grow older and their interests change.

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