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Make Your Lighting More Energy Efficient

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Energy efficient lighting saves you money and is kinder to the environment. We have pulled together some of the best ideas you can implement inside and outside your home to lower the cost of your lighting.

Technological progress and innovation mean that there is a steady stream of new options available, offering brighter light for less power, or more control so you only have as much light as you need.

Motion Detector Sensors

Motion sensors are an excellent lighting accessory, especially for outdoor use. They ensure you only have the light on as you need it, and turn it off again for you after you leave. You can buy lights with integrated sensors, or the sensor can be fitted afterwards. They also bring other benefits such as security.

Swap Light Bulbs

Replacing your standard light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), LED or halogen bulbs, will save you money in multiple ways. They can cost slightly more to buy than conventional incandescent bulbs but they will last up to 10 times longer. They use just one-fifth to one-third of the power that standard bulbs use, without compromising on the brightness or quality of the light produced. Rather than the large cost of replacing all of your incandescent bulbs at once, why not try replacing old bulbs as they expire as a more affordable way to gradually lower your energy consumption.

Note: energy efficient bulbs have improved a lot in recent years. Most CFLs now reach their maximum brightness in just a few seconds, and LEDs are instant.
Tip: look at the lumens not the watts on energy efficient light bulbs; it is a measure of their brightness.

Optimise Natural Light

The more you take advantage of the natural daylight, the more you can leave your electrical lights switched off.

Some tips for optimising the natural light in your home include:

  • Keep window dressings minimal and light.
  • Install skylights.
  • Place mirrors near windows to bounce the light around the room.
  • Use light colours on the walls.

Clean Fixtures

All lighting fixtures should be cleaned every six months, otherwise you are losing some of the valuable light you are paying for because of the obstruction of dust and dirt.

Give Yourself More Options

Adding a lamp or two to living areas such as halls, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, will allow you to keep the main, larger lights off when all you need is the light of one small lamp.

Update Outdoor Timers with the Seasons

If you’re using a timer to switch on your outdoor lights, don’t forget to adjust the timing on the clock as the seasons change. Your outdoor lights should be needed a lot less during the summer months.

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