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Decorate a Small Bedroom

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Your primary objective here is to maximise space, making your organisation and decorating choices especially important. Our tips will help you know what you can do to make it a more comforting and relaxing space.

The Right Bed

The bed is the main piece of furniture in the room and you may feel inclined to go with the biggest bed possible; don’t! To optimise floor space, choose a bed that is a comfortable size and allows space to walk around it. You should also consider using white or neutral colours for your bed linen as this simplicity will help make the room appear less cluttered.  

Choose Your Colours

The colours you choose to decorate your small room with are of crucial importance. Dark colours can make your room look smaller. To create the illusion that your room is bigger, stick with lighter colours for your walls and paint your ceiling in the same tone to eliminate defining the space. If you really prefer darker colours, you can incorporate them in your bedroom accessories such as throws, pillows, and rugs.

Organise Your Space

Cleverly organise the placement of items in the room and optimise any storage space, in order to make the most of a small bedroom. Donate any old or unused furniture and clothing to charity to unclutter the room and create more space. Utilise under the bed for storage to maintain your floor space. Consider built-in shelving to store essential items and limit the necessity for other items of furniture in the room. Choose items that offer dual-functionality such as mirrored doors. If you can place mirrors opposite the window, you will see instant results from the extra natural light in the room.

Optimise the Window

Letting in natural light is the perfect way to brighten up  your small room and its space. Unfortunately sometimes the only place to put your bed is directly in front of the window; if this is the case use a low or glass headboard or none at all to allow as much sunlight in as possible. Keep curtains or blinds light and completely pulled back during the day. If you can, raise your curtain rod nearer to the ceiling and have your curtains reaching the floor, as this will help add height to a small room.

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