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Create a Feature Wall

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This is a simple and inexpensive way to give a room wow factor without a full makeover. It lets you get really creative as you can choose vibrant colours or exciting patterns for this selected space. This is a stand-out focal point for a room, so be bold and daring!

Feature wallChoosing a Wall to Feature

A room that is just a bit “blah” is a prime candidate for a feature wall. Living rooms and bedrooms are the most common choices for feature walls, but bathrooms and kitchens can work really well too. Picking the perfect wall to feature will depend on the interior architecture of your home. You can go with a whole wall, just a section of it, or a piece that juts out such as a chimney breast. In a bedroom, consider the wall behind the headboard of your bed. In living rooms it can be more difficult to find the perfect wall, as ideally you will want a wall without doors or windows that would lessen its impact.

Choosing the Right Colours or Pattern

Your existing colour scheme, fabrics, furniture and accessories should help you identify the colour family you should work with, from which you can select a really vibrant shade. If you are unsure what colour to use, try consulting a colour wheel for tones that will complement your existing room colours. Choosing similar shades to the rest of the walls will create a calm atmosphere and choosing a contrasting colour is more striking, creating an energetic feel.

Dining roomPaint or Wallpaper?

A feature wall can be done with either paint or wallpaper. If you envisage using colour for impact, paint is the choice for you. If a pattern and/or texture is your preference, then you should consider wallpaper. Wallpaper can of course be bright and colourful too, so it really comes down to your own personal preference. Combining painted walls with a wallpapered feature wall can result in a really cool, dynamic look.

Alternative Designs

As well as paint and wallpaper, there are alternative ways  to add impact to your room. Hanging large pieces of artwork, mirrors, light boxes, or a selection of photo frames will also focus attention on your wall.

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