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Consider a Solid Fuel Stove

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Solid fuel stoves have become increasingly popular in recent years as people strive to reduce their heating bills. They are up to three times more efficient than an open fire, and offer superior performance and control.

With a wide range of attractive designs in the market in varying sizes and styles, there is a solid fuel stove to suit every home.

Superior Efficiency

With the ever increasing cost of heating oil and new household expenses such as water charges and property tax, a proven way to lessen your home heating bill is worth consideration. A solid fuel stove achieves up to three times the efficiency of an open fire, helping you to heat your home for less. Open fires allow a large amount of the heat to escape up the chimney, greatly lessening the efficiency of your fuel and its effectiveness at heating the room. A solid fuel stove radiates the heat in a much more economical way.

Heat Your Water & Radiators

As well as heating its surroundings, a stove can perform another valuable task to save you money and further improve your fuel efficiency. With a solid fuel boiler stove and a back boiler, you can heat your home’s water and radiators from the stove without the need to turn on your oil-powered central heating system. The heat output from the stove is shared between the room it is in and the connected tank and radiators.

Vast Fuel Choice

A solid fuel stove gives you the advantage of a large range of fuel types to choose from. Solid fuels such as coal, wood, briquettes and peat are native to Ireland and can be sourced relatively cheaply. The choice the stove allows also enables you to tackle temporary rises in the price of one fuel type by simply switching to a cheaper substitute.


Stoves create a homely and cosy atmosphere, and are available in contemporary and traditional designs to suit any room. They are available in varying sizes and shapes to suit every requirement.