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Bathroom Makeover Tips

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From cosmetic updates to completely gutting out and starting over, there is a bathroom makeover for every home and every budget. If your bathroom looks the same as it did in the 90’s, it is time to start planning your bathroom makeover.

Keeping Within Budget

You may have heard horror stories about how much a bathroom makeover can cost, but if you intend to keep the room layout the same, i.e. the sink, toilet and bath or shower in the same place, you forgo any major plumbing costs. A bathroom makeover can be as extensive as a brand new suite and floor, or as minimal as new accessories and maybe a fresh coat of paint. With planning and research, there’s no reason a bathroom makeover should blow your budget.

Look Outside the Bathroom Department

Adding a table lamp, a quirky rug or some interesting art pieces to your bathroom will give it a really modern and stylish décor. Create a fun and personalised room by getting creative with the items you put in it. There’s no rule book that says your bathroom mat has to be a bathroom mat. Use a mason jar to hold cotton wool and a vase for toothbrushes or combs. Look for pretty ceramic plates to hold your soap and cloths.


There are many bathroom storage options available to help you create a calm and relaxing, uncluttered room. Cabinets, whether bought freestanding units or custom-made to fit, can store all the practical items you need to hand. This leaves any available counter space, basin surrounds and windowsills free to display only a few carefully selected items. Some things like bath salts in a pretty bottle can look great on display, while others like bleach and spare toilet rolls are better stored in cupboards and drawers.

Window Dressings, Lights & Mirrors

No room makeover is complete without optimising the natural light in the room and the feeling of spaciousness. Swap chunky old blinds for lighter, decorative blinds or curtains to allow more light in. Add strip lighting, spotlights or lamps to brighten shadowy spots. Upgrade your wall mirror to a larger, more modern and stylish version, and maybe add another on the floor if you have the space available.


A change is as good as a rest-room, pun intended! A fresh coat of paint is vital to create a new look. Colours change the mood of a room, so based on whether you want to create a calming environment (neutral, earthy tones) or a bright and energetic space (vibrant colours), painting the walls will help you do so.

The Bigger Changes

Installing new flooring and cabinets, and updating your taps, sink, toilet, bath and/or shower with gleaming new fixtures, will help transform an old, dingy room into a room you’re proud of and enjoy being in. Browse the selection at your local hardware store to see what takes your fancy. You can also make use of the free expertise and advice from the bathroom department staff there.

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