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5 Laundry Upgrades to Free Up Your Time

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The only way to survive dreaded chores like laundry is to not think about what else you could be doing with all that time! But what if we could help you lessen that time…

laundry1. Laundry Baskets to Lighten Your Load

Number one on the list for a reason, laundry baskets may seem too simple an item to be an essential time-saving laundry accessory but the right amount of good baskets will make the whole laundry process faster and easier.

Depending on the amount of people whose clothes you’re lucky enough to wash, having laundry baskets in the bedrooms will at least eliminate the need to sort through piles of clothes dumped on floors and furniture. If you have a large quantity of whites to wash, dedicate extra laundry baskets just for them to save you sorting them later.

You will also need another basket for carrying your wet washing to the airer, clothesline or tumble dryer, and another to store the clothes that are yet to be ironed.

To summarise, you should have a…
  • Dirty clothes basket
  • Wet clothes basket
  • Ironing basket

washing machine2. A Feature Packed Washing Machine

If you think you’re getting great value by tipping along with a decade old washing machine, unfortunately you may be incorrect on many different levels. Firstly, energy efficiency, which is simply not good with older machines and this is an area that has been greatly improved upon with technological advances in recent years. Secondly, you may find yourself spending a lot on repairs and maintenance. And thirdly, does the washing machine suit your needs or would a larger drum and additional features like timers, pre-programmed settings and half-load settings make your life easier?

Invest in a new model with programs that will save you water, with better energy efficiency to cut your electricity bills, and most importantly with features that will save you time. A timer will allow you to set a load to wash in the morning but not to start until an hour before you come home so the clothes don’t start to smell stale from being left damp all day. And going from a 5kg drum to an 8kg will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend doing laundry.

rotary airer3. A Rotary Airer to Breeze through Drying

When the weather is on our side, as rare as that is, outdoor drying is fast, free and will leave your clothes soft and fresh. A rotary airer will give you lots more drying space than a clothesline would across the same area and because it spins, you don’t need to keep moving your laundry basket making it faster to hang your clothes.

4. An Indoor Airer for Stress-Free Rainy Days

An indoor airer, or two if you have room, is the most useable drying solution if you aren’t home during the day to keep an eye on the clothesline. Clothes will dry in 1-2 days on an indoor airer making this another fast, easy and free laundry drying solution.

tumble dryer5. A Tumble Dryer to get the Job Done Fast

Tumble dryers get a bad rep and are widely accepted as a necessary evil. They’re essential if you have laundry you need dried fast or when you have a backlog of bedclothes to dry, but tumble dryers are indeed heavy on electricity. According to Electricity Ireland, your ‘appliance anxiety’ is legit, it costs about 50c to dry 5kg of clothes with the average modern tumble dryer. However, when it’s needed, it’s needed, and it would cost more to take your load to the launderette to dry.

Why make unenjoyable chores any harder on yourself? With the right kit you can fly through your laundry each week and free up precious time to use elsewhere. Visit your local Topline store for more advice and to get kitted out.

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