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3 Ways to Update Your Home Décor on a Budget

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Before you cancel the family holiday or take out a small loan to redecorate that room you loathe, try our three clever ways to update your home décor on a budget.

The ‘Accentuate the Positive’ Technique

The key to updating a room on a budget is to work with what you already have, as much as you can. We mean not wiping the slate clean. Before you hire a giant skip ask yourself how bad the situation really is. Are there elements of the room’s décor you could potentially like?

Make a simple list of the things you like and don’t like about the room. Then you will know the negatives that need to be tackled and you can make the most of the things you like. This will help you achieve a room you love, while spending as little as possible.

For example, if you wrote this:

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“I like the [accessory]”

… Great, you don’t need new curtains! And you have a colour scheme. Take one of the more subtle colours as the main colour for the wall paint, and then take a more vibrant colour for accents such as a feature wall and accessories like cushions, throws, candles and vases.

“The room feels too small”

If the room feels too small, you need to declutter and create as much space as possible. Maybe the furniture is too big for the room and some more compact pieces would better optimise the space you have. Are there items that don’t need to be there and can be moved to another room?

Stylish home decor living room

“The room is too dark/dull”

Another way to make the room feel larger is to increase the amount of light in the room. This also addresses the next issue of the room feeling too dark or dull. A great way to do this is to use mirrors, which will bounce the light around the room. Add lamps to dark corners and wall mount some extra lights if necessary. Choosing a light colour for the wall paint will help with this too.

“The décor is old fashioned”

If you feel your room décor is old fashioned, work with your budget to update as much as you can. Maybe your dated fireplace and mantelpiece just needs a fashionable new shade of paint. Swapping light fittings, door hardware and room accessories will go miles to modernising your décor. Think about painting the door and skirting in a stylish shade for a new look that costs less.

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“I don’t like the floor”

If a large and eye-catching rug is not enough to remedy your floor situation, there are affordable ways to update your floor. If you’re lucky enough to have a solid-wood floor, you can paint it. If it’s tiles, carpet or lino, you can install click-flooring over it. And if you do need an entirely new floor, there is a large choice of laminate, semi-solid and solid wood flooring available to suit any budget.

DIY Your Home Décor

Even if it means using some of your annual leave days from work and leaving the kids in a crèche for a few hours, doing the redecorating yourself will save you a fortune and mean you have more budget to spend on paint and accessories. Follow our step-by-step how-to guides to help you, like this one on how to paint an interior wall.

Buy Second Hand

If your room update calls for some new furniture or accessories, visit your local charity shops and keep an open mind because upcycling may become your new favourite hobby - check it out here.

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For more advice on your next home décor project, visit your local Topline store.

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